Jabra storm

  • Hotline: 028 6292 4428
Jabra storm
  •  Small, discreet design incorporating microPOWER technology.Ultimate Comfort Eargel for a secure fit
  • Wind Noise Blackout and HD Voice for crystal clear sound at both ends of phone calls
  • Easy pairing to smartphones and other devices with NFC, as well as Multiuse to pair to 2 devices at the same time
  • 9 hours of talk time and an energy-saving PowerNap function
Mã SP : Jabra Storm
Bảo hành:  12 tháng
Trạng thái: Còn hàng

Giá bán:

2.190.000 vnđ

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Jabra Storm

  • 9 Hours of Talk-Time
  • Wind Noise Blackout
  • Lightweight design and Ultimate comfort


Reasons to choose

  1. Wind Noise Blackout reduces wind noise from your calls in windy conditions
  2. Noise blackout dual microphone technology reduces background noise
  3. HD Voice for high definition sound quality
  4. NFC for easy pairing
  5. Voice control for taking or rejecting calls with your voice
  6. Up to 9 hours talk time for all day conversations

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Mã SP: Jabra Storm
Giá: 2.190.000 vnđ