Túi giữ nhiệt Rivacase 5706 dung tích 5.5L

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Túi giữ nhiệt Rivacase 5706 dung tích 5.5L

Túi giữ nhiệt Rivacase 5706 dung tích 5.5L

 Túi giữ nhiệt Rivacase 5706 có dung tích: 5,5 lít. Chứa khoảng 6 Lon (chai) x 0,5L
Chất liệu: Polyester
Màu: Xám"

Mã SP : Rivacase 5706
Bảo hành:  24 tháng
Trạng thái: Còn hàng

Giá bán:

390.000 vnđ

 Designed with the upmost attention to detail, this stylish Torngat cooler bag comes in a smooth space grey and fits several 500ml cans. Capacious, multi-functional and durable, you will travel with everything you need, perfectly chilled, all in one place.

Cooler (lunch) bag for 6 * 500 ml cans

• Developed to carry 500 ml cans
• Compact storage system - folded bag requires less space
• Inner mesh pocket
• 3 outer pockets
• Light color to reduce heating under sun
• Dirt-resistant and water repellent outside fabric
• Leakproof lining
• Adjustable shoulder strap

Inner volume 5.5 L

 Product Weight: 0.35 kg
External dimensions: 150x220x200 mm

Internal dimensions: 205x185x135 mm
Material: Polyester
Inner material: PEVA

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