cheero Power Plus 5 10000mAh with Power Delivery 18W CHE-101

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cheero Power Plus 5 10000mAh with Power Delivery 18W CHE-101

cheero Power Plus 5 10000mAh with Power Delivery 18W CHE-101

Pin dự phòng mới hỗ trợ sạc nhanh và có kết hợp với kết hợp với chuẩn Power Delivery 3.
Hai cổng USB - A và USB -

Mã SP : CHE-101
Bảo hành:  12 tháng
Trạng thái: Còn hàng

Giá bán:

990.000 vnđ



"Battery battery" that looks and is smart!

Despite its ultra-high capacity of 10000mAh, it is a super compact and stylish model. 
Full charge is possible for iPhone8 about 3.5 times and GalaxyS9 about 2 times. 
It fits in the palm of your hand and fits into a business bag or a side pocket on your backpack. 
The body color made of aluminum is cool metallic gray. 
A mobile battery with a profound feeling and luxury that has a “feeling of being able to do it” will definitely play an active role in both business and private situations!



Compatible with the latest rapid charging standard Power Delivery

When using a PD-compatible USB adapter (18W), the battery can be fully charged in about 3 hours. Realized super fast charging! 
Power from a USB-C port to a PD-compatible device can be supplied from 0% to about 74% in 45 minutes for iPhone®. 
Smartly and quickly handle both charging and power supply. 
* Values ​​may vary depending on device usage.



A digital indicator that shows the remaining amount in 1% increments

The first digital indicator was introduced in cheero. 
I want to know the remaining amount of the main unit accurately! It is perfect for those who have a tight personality.



2 units can be charged simultaneously

Simultaneous charging is possible from two ports of USB-C and USB-A. 
(However, when charging two units at the same time, the USB-C voltage is limited to 5 V for safety.) 
Also, when charging from the USB-A port, AUTO-IC automatically recognizes the connected device. It has a function. 
Since the optimal current (up to 2.4A) flows for each device, any device can be charged quickly.



Inspection standards of Japanese manufacturers

Only cells that meet our strict inspection standards are used, and safety is ensured through thorough inspections such as board design checks by quality managers. 
It is equipped with an automatic stop function when overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, and overheating. 
In addition, an additional Japanese thermal fuse is installed that closes the circuit when the internal temperature rises to 139 ° C. 
In addition, since it is a product with a PSE mark, it can be used more safely and securely.

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